I know it can feel daunting to find a tutor for your child, so here's some general information that will hopefully help you get to know a bit more about me and my work.

If you'd like to discuss tutoring, send me an email or a text and we'll schedule a call to talk more specifically:

contactcate at gmail dot com

(323) 362-2033

Tutoring Experience and Philosophy

I've tutored middle school and high school students for nearly 15 years, with a strong focus on mathematics. My love of math and desire to help students see it in a creative light has informed much of my own work, from the short films How I Do Math and Math Brain to my Forbes podcast The Limit Does Not Exist. That said, I tutor a wide variety or subjects, which you can see below. I've also coached and trained a number of tutors, from elementary school through college level.

I attended Convent of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco, then Saint Ignatius College Preparatory for high school. I graduated from Northwestern University and got my MFA in Acting at UC San Diego/La Jolla Playhouse.

My tutoring style could be described as the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach. Each of my many students has been vastly different, and I feel that my job is to find what makes a student's learning style unique and tailor the learning to it, rather than the other way around. Sometimes there are crucial basics missing that need to be taught and integrated. Other times, it's a new concept that needs extra attention. Some students really benefit from a regular weekly session. Others need help making a connection and once that happens, they're good to go. There’s no right or wrong here—only what’s best for your child.

I love nothing more than when the lightbulb goes off and a student is off and running. I always say that I've done my job when I'm not needed anymore, and I really do believe that’s true.

Colleges Attended By Past Students

I'm proud that my students have gone on to attend many top colleges, but what makes me happiest is that they've all landed in the ideal place for them.

A sample list of schools attended by my students:

  • Yale

  • Penn

  • Northwestern

  • Brown

  • Barnard

  • NYU

  • The Claremont Colleges

  • Tufts

  • USC

  • CalArts

High Schools Attended By Students

I've tutored students who've either attended or currently attend the following schools. I'm always open to adding students from other schools to my list.

  • Oakwood

  • Campbell Hall

  • Harvard Westlake

  • Geffen Academy

  • Buckley

  • Marlborough

  • Archer

  • Viewpoint


Subjects Tutored

  • Math: Elementary, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2 (Honors), Geometry (Honors), Pre-Calculus (Honors and AP), Calculus (Honors and AP), entrance exams and standardized tests

  • Science: Chemistry (Honors and AP), Physics (Honors and AP), Bio (Honors and AP)

  • English: All subjects including AP Language and Literature

  • History: All levels including AP

  • French: All levels including AP

  • College Admissions: All types of admissions essays and interview coaching


I charge hourly and try to maximize my rate for you in two ways:

  1. I always round down to the nearest quarter of an hour when charging by the hour. For example, if our session goes ten minutes past the hour, I'll only charge you for an hour. If it last for 80 minutes, I'll charge you for 1.25 hours.

  2. Sometimes students have a question after our session is over. They're always free to text me to take a look at a problem or a solution, free of charge. If more extensive help is needed, than we can do a billed phone or Skype session.

I’m confident we can figure out what works best for you and your child. I look forward to talking with you!