Hello there! 

I'm an actress and creator who's appeared on many screens and stages, including the final season of How I Met Your Mother, Tartuffe at South Coast Repertory, and multiple national commercial campaigns. I'm a member of the Groundlings Sunday Company, a graduate of Northwestern, and I have an MFA in Acting from UC San Diego/La Jolla Playhouse.

Are you into this whole personal laundry list thing? Did I see at least one hand go up? Was it my hand? Let's keep going!

I wrote, directed, and star in the digital scripted series Tutored. I also created and directed the digital short "How I Do Math" and my most recent short, "Math Brain," has 50K+ views and counting. These millennial and Gen Z-geared videos have been praised by really cool people and places like Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, Shonda Rhimes, Ms. Magazine, and WhoHaha. Thanks, guys!

I also cohost The Limit Does Not Exist, a Forbes & PodcastOne podcast that recently hit 500K downloads on iTunes and was featured in AdWeek. That fun fact is for you, Mom!

I first stepped on a stage at 10 after doing a hard sell on my parents to let me do a play. It's still my favorite place to call home.